The Top 3 highest paying freelancing professions in 2021?

Freelancing has taken the globe by storm and is on a growth trajectory, following the pandemic blues, with India as one of the fastest-growing freelancing hubs. It is estimated that around 1.5 crores Indians are into freelancing, however, compared to the penetration in developed countries this number is very low. In India, the penetration of freelancing amongst the age group of 20-35 (who form 70% of freelance workforce) is a merge 5%, whereas in developed countries it is a whopping 54%.  When it comes to freelancing these professions are the blue chips.

  1. Website designing: As more and more businesses are embracing the digital ecosystem and the rest are on a bandwagon to start e-commerce businesses, the demand for website designing and development professions has skyrocketed. It is also a skill, where experience makes a big difference in quality delievered. Freelance website designer in India earns anywhere between Rs 300 to 750 per hour. 
  2. Computer programming: This is one freelance profession that is not only incurative but also has higher possibilities of getting big-ticket clients. The demand for custom software has increased by manifold around the world and maintaining the workforce is becoming a cumbersome process for IT companies due to competitive market pricing.
  3. Graphic designing: This is one skill that is in demand from businesses as well as individuals who are trying to promote their personal social media. A good graphic designer with a keen eye for contemporary design trends and brand guidelines , can easily get access to larger pool of clients from around the globe.