How to write an impressive proposal/gig for a Jobsite?

Freelancers often have to write gigs/proposals to receive projects. Writing these proposals can sometimes be very tricky, but having a couple of things in mind can make a difference. There are few tips that will help you in writing your proposal or getting you the contract and these are as follows: 

1. You need to be aware of what the client wants: This is the first and the foremost step of writing a proposal. Knowing about your client's needs should be your priority. As you can not write a good proposal until you truly understand your client's needs.

2. Be aware of your own strengths: You need to list those strengths that will fit the project. Do not include irrelevant things. Here you can write about the skills you have and all the things that you can handle.

3. Try to grab the attention: Try to grab the attention of the reader and show him that you are perfect for this job. You can also write a slogan or some quote that tells about you. Always remember one thing in mind that do not deviate too much from the topic. 

4. Adding details: Adding specific details about your work will be a great help. You can also mention your goals and ideologies in that. 

5. Spelling and proofreading: Do not rely on a non-human spell checker. As there is nothing worst than making spelling errors. in writing a proposal. Just check your proposal once and do not rely on auto-correct. 

6. Professionalism: Always be nice as your main objective is to give the right information to the client. As they can't see you physically so your proposal is the only key to get the contract.