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Refunds Policy


a. SafePay Service: The SafePay Service enables Buyers to transfer certain payment responsibilities to Efreeder. However, Efreeder.com agrees to refund such funds to Buyer in the event that (a) a Freelancer acknowledges that services have not been completed or (b) Buyer and Freelancer have concluded the process comprising the Arbitration Service with a result indicating that Employer is the rightful recipient of such funds. Efreeder.com agrees to keep both Buyer and Freelancer informed as to the status of the Assumed Payment Liability and if, for any reason, a party requests Arbitration Service regarding such status, will notify both parties that the matter will be addressed through the Arbitration Service.

b. SafePay Disputes: If an Buyer or Freelancer reasonably disputes the quality or completion of services provided by such Freelancer, then both Buyer and Freelancer agree that Efreeder.com shall have no payment obligations to any party related to relevant fees until such dispute is resolved in accordance.

c. Legal Relationsihp Efreeder.com is not your agent with respect to any funds that have been transferred to Efreeder.com for any Assumed Payment Liabilities. Each Freelancer must properly discharge and credit Buyers for all payments that Efreeder.com makes to such Freelancer in respect of services provided to such Buyers. Efreeder.com is not a "financial institution" as defined under the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) and the efreeder Billing and Payment Services are payment services rather than a banking services; (c) EFREEDER.COM IS NOT A BANK AND ANY PAYMENTS TRANSFERRED THROUGH EFREEDER.COM ARE NOT INSURED DEPOSITS ANDARE SUBJECT TO DEFAULT, LOSS OR FORFEITURE.


1. Cancellation of a project: Buyer believes they are entitled to a refund, the Buyer can notify Efreeder of the cancellation by requesting a refund.

2. Project Refund policy: A Buyer is entitled to receive a refund of funds under the
following circumstances:
       no response

3. Refund and cancellation penalties: Where the Seller is at fault for the refund (for example, due to no response or they have cancelled the project), it will negatively impact their Seller status and rankings; where the Buyer is found to be the cause for the refund (for example, an early cancellation due to a change in their business need) it will negatively impact their Buyer status; multiple refunds attributed to a User will lead to temporary and/ or permanent restrictions on their account depending upon the severity.


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